Official Name: Stockton TLJ FC
Nickname: TLJ
Home venue: Edison High School Founded: 2015
Founded: 2015
Other WebSite: stocktontljsoccer.com

Stockton TLJ FC established in 2015 to provide a platform for a few families to enjoy a life full of futbol. In the years that followed TLJ grew. The common thread among the growing families has been an appreciation for the pursuit of soccer performance and a community of friendship. In 2019, the club grew from a single team in 2015 to 9 youth teams and an adult competitive team in the UPSL.

As we begin 2020, the club continues to define itself with the ever-present focus on developing next-level competitors and community bonds. TLJ prides itself on growing the club to support local players and families and to strive to bring honor and greatness to the city of Stockton.

The vision of the club is to raise the level of the player, the coach, the club, and the game through community service, facility acquisition, and education. During the 2020 quarantine, through the direction of Antonio Aguilar Sr. and a handful of local leaders, TLJ distributed over 500 prepared boxes of food for those in need. In addition to the expansion of the membership, the club prepares to build their first soccer pitch at Langston Hughes Academy School with the help of the San Joaquin Community Foundation and Aspire Public Schools.

Finally, in joining Norcal Premier, the club from the top down seeks to engage in learning to be better leaders on and off the field. Stockton TLJ looks forward to continued growth, new friendships, and developing successful players.